50 things you need to know about the weird & awesome me!


I am BACCKKKKKK!!!!!!! After like *counts on fingers* 3 days? 4? 2? *Gives up* 

think gifAww! This is honestly the cutest gif ever. It’s literally me at all times! I’m just melting with awe right now.

You know what, it doesn’t matter! Here is the SUPER EXCITING AMAZING POST that I promised you… It’s very exciting*.

This post is quite long even though I tried to make it as short as possible.** I hope you read at least quarter of the way through all the way through! I’ll give you lots of pineapples and chocolate! Pfft, what do you mean that’s bribery??????yes gif.gif

*It’s literally all about me. It’s obviously going to be exciting.** I actually did tho. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that this was from a 100 question tag so…******Plus, you only have to read it, I had to write it.Divider1.png
Onto the questions!

  • Are you a morning or night person?

I am deffo a morning person. I can’t really stay up late- I have to sleep by 10 (at the latest) or I walk around like a zombie and moan at you for keeping me awake!

  • Are you afraid of the dark?

No. This is because I have NO WEAKNESS and am completely amazing.

  • Are you an extrovert or introvert?

Sorry to help the stereotype that all bookworms are introverts but… yes I am. Cos people are just TERRIFYING x1000000000000000.

  • Are you left or right handed?

Right-handed! But I really want to be a leftie (I swear all the smart people I know are lefties!) or ambidextrous because that would be AMAZING!

  • Are you more of a tidy person or a messy one?

Pfft. Course I’m a tidy person. Lies, lies I tell you…liar gif.gif

  • Are you ticklish?

Ohmidemigod yes. I told you. I HAVE NO WEAKNESS.

  • Can you curl your tongue?

Nooooooooo… that’s just weird. *gets pelted with rocks by angry mob*

  • Cookies, cake or doughnuts?

Chocolate cake hands down. If you give me an unlimited supply of chocolate cake, I’m set for LIFE

  • Did you ever participate in a talent show?

Ugghhh. Who would put themselves under the torture of being SEEN??? (I have a massive self-diagnosed stage/ performing phobia)

  • Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes but not like stupid cartoon ones whose only mission is to act silly. I also believe in witches and wizards (Y’er a wizard, Harry. I literally think of that in the accent and everything when I hear the word wizard!), demigods and general magic. you don’t think I’m right? Fight meee Sure everyone has an opinion. yer a wizard.gifDo you bite your nails?

Unfortunately, I do. My New year’s resolution was to stop… but I failed… about a 1000 times over.

  • Do you enjoy DIY or crafts?

Yes! It’s really fun! Even though I never actually make anything good! I always binge watch D.I.Y videos on youtube but never do them! Who else does this?

  • Do you forgive easily?

Yes, I’m usually always the first person to give in and say sorry or try to make things up. This is really annoying because sometimes I wish I could just ignore people! my brother But I don’t forgive easily when someone does something to really affect me.

  • Do you have a nickname?

Yes! My real name has two parts (syllables). Let’s say I’m Scarlett (not really), some people call me ‘Scar’ so others sometimes (rarely) jokingly, call me ‘Lett?!’ but mainly people use my real name!

  • Do you consider yourself a good cook?

NONONONONO. I tried making biscuits and cake and brownies and soup and toast… they BURNT. Like honestly???? How can you even burn TOAST??? Wait don’t even answer that.burnt toast.gif

  • Do you have pets?

Sadly nooo! But I would love a dog or cat or unicorn or a Phoenix.

  • Do you have siblings?

I have 1 brother!

  • Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

I haven’t actually been to a mountain but I think I would prefer it! Much fewer people than on a beach and just mountain goats for company!

  • Do you speak any different languages?

I love languages! I speak 2 quite fluently, I’m learning 2 and I can understand another language but can’t properly speak it!

  • Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Dogs all the way!dog.gif

  • Do you/have you played any sports?

I play hockey! And I love it!! I also do karate and swimming!

  • Have you ever met any celebrities?

I met a sporty famous guy who I didn’t know in Primary School. I don’t think I’ve met anyone else. I really want to meet Suzanne Collins/ Veronica Roth/ J.K Rowling/ Emma Watson.

  • Have you ever skipped class?

OHHH. HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST SOMETHING SO ATROCIOUS???? I would never do something so despicable.

  • Have you ever won something?

Probably???… Let’s just leave it at that, shall we…

  • Do you still watch cartoons?

Yes! #SPONGEBOB4LIFE!! and Gravity Falls and Adventure Time and awww.spongebob lol

  • Have you had braces?

No. But I would like them if I didn’t have glasses (which I do!) because I would look like a stereotypical geek as well as being one!

  • How are you feeling right now?

Quite excited! My blog design isn’t done yet! I bet it’s going to be fabulous! Thanks again Mukta for doing it! (That was at the time of writing!) Future Kerys feels hungry.

  • If money were no object what would you get for your next birthday?

Well OBVIOUSLY, I’d get LOTS of books, cute stationary (and general cute stuff), notebooks, planners and theme park passes! Wow that looks really greedy #SorryNotSorry getting unlimited money is obviously a once in a lifetime opportunity 💰What is one food that you refuse to eat?

Cooked tomatoes. Eurgh. They are slimy and disgustiiiiiinng. I’ll do anything but eat them ANYTHING. I literally pick out the teeniest bit of tomato in my food.

  • Have you ever been hospitalized?

I once broke my arm and I had to get a plaster cast… I fell off a slide. Yeah, you can laugh about it. But not too much.minion lolWhat is one item on your bucket list?

Go bungee jumping! I’d be terrified but honestly, the fear is the best part! Spoken like a true evil queen

  • What is one item you can’t live without?

Food, obvs. I would say books but no. What is your shoe size?

4 or 5 or 4.5. Interesting fact that nobody asked for: My left foot is slightly bigger than my right! Comment if your feet are the same size or not if you read this!What should you be doing right now?

Ironing my school clothes! (Cos it’s the last day of half term- I do notdo it every day/week) Gee, I’m not that much of a nerd (no offence if you do-nerds are cool 🤓)

  • What movie have you watched repeatedly?

Zootopia! Sing! Big Hero 6! Monsters University! General Disney/Pixar movies!up.gif

  • What’s one goal you would like to accomplish this year?

Exercise consistently for a month. It’s already been ages and I’ve failed! I am a failure.

  • What’s one of your pet peeves?

People walking SLOWLY in BUSY PLACES.

  • What’s the last song you’ve listened to?

I’m listening to music right now! It was Chainsmoker and Coldplay’s ‘Something just like this’- I love that song!

  • What’s your best physical feature?

Do I have one…? Mayybe my hair?

  • What’s your favourite food?

Pineapples! You should know this *accusing glare* Jk. I love you really!mad glare.gifWhat’s your current obsession?

Blogging. I literally am thinking about it all the time! I went off blogging for a bit but the addiction’s back! And I’m so happy about it!

  • What’s your dream car?

A red car? Is that enough detail? Probably a Range Rover or Ferrari…maybe… I don’t even know what those look like? WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ABOUT CARS????

  • What’s your favourite book?

The Hunger Games! I am obsessed##### also with other dystopian books like Divergent, Maze Runner, Six of Crows and the Gone series! And NOOOO!!! don’t make me choose.

  • What’s your favourite foreign food?

I like Indian and Mexican food!

  • What’s your favourite hobby?

Do I have one…? Does reading and crying over books count? Also being generally lazy?

href=”http://popkey.co/m/V0lge-panda-bear-lazy-tired-shirokuma+cafe” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> I literally couldn’t stop watching this for 5 minutes??? Why am I so weird??[/
  • What’s your favourite movie?

Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Sing, Jumanji, Monsters University, Wall-E. You can’t make me choose!!!

  • What’s your favourite sandwich?

Oooh… I love sandwiches! Honestly, I could LIVE on sandwiches! I think my favourite is probably a grilled cheese sandwich!

  • What’s your favourite season?

Summer! I really REALLY like heat. The cold leaves me shivering and huddling in my bed as if I’m a … a weak nothing. *shudder*When is your birthday?

20th October

  • Who’s your favourite fictional character?

Hermione Granger and Katniss! They are both really smart and could weasel their way out of any situation! They are great women and really inspiring! Plus the fact that Emma Watson played Hermione also helpshermione.gif


That was tiring! I hope some of you read quite a bit of this! If you read all the way to the end comment your favourite Hermione saying! (It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSA!).  Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how the gifs are all 5 questions apart?My purpose in life is fulfilled. I just hope it wasn’t too boring. I’m going to shut up now because the word count is like 1600 words already.


Kerys xx


29 thoughts on “50 things you need to know about the weird & awesome me!

  1. Oh my goodness. Having read through some of your other posts and now this one I have concluded that you’re definitely my kind of person! I love your writing style, and how you don’t take yourself too seriously ‘No. This is because I have NO WEAKNESS and am completely amazing’ – I loved this! You most certainly are!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! I’m so glad you liked reading this! I’m really happy you enjoy my writing! Haha! Thank you! You are completely awesome as well! Your comment made my day! xx ❤️😀


  2. Yay I read through the whole thing!!!
    I also do karate! Which surprises a lot of people because I’m a very nice person but doing karate doesn’t mean I’m mean!!
    *end of mini rant*
    Also, I’m OBSESSED with Disney! (Its kinda a problem XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAYAYAY! YOU ARE MY NEW FAVORITE PERSON!! Karate is really great! You don’t have to be a total meanie to do karate! It’s more defence! I know belts are different in different places but what belt are you? OOOH DISNEY IS AWEESOSOMMMEEEE!!!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha! Very funny! 😂😂😂
            Thats so cool! I’m (hopefully) getting my brown belt next week, which is very close to red! How long does it take for you to get a new belt?

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Haha! 😂😂 That’s so exciting!! Well my red belt was the second belt I got (after white) and it took about 4 months! Put brown belt is the one before black! xx❤️😀

            Liked by 1 person

          3. That’s great! We have a lot more belts- we go from white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, advanced brown, red, advanced red, then FINALLY black!! It takes A LOT of time but I’m excited! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

          4. We go from white, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, purple with white stripe, purple with 2 white stripes, purple with brown, brown with black stripe and black! We have mini stripes in between as well like red with an orange stripe but you can skip those if you’re good enough! I just realised how long it’s going to take me! I’ve got more than 10 belts till I’m a black belt! xx 😂😀❤️

            Liked by 2 people

        1. What gr challenge question? Also I would but I literally forced my parents into letting me get snapchat so I don’t think they’d say yes to Twitter! But it is definitely great for socialising! ❤️😀

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh I get it. When I try friend you it asks a challenge question: what is my name? Maybe you could send me a request instead, would love to follow ☺️

            Liked by 1 person

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