Does buying the same versions of a book make you crazy or a hardcore fan?



Hi guys!

Today is the first ever post of a new series called The Everlasting Discussion *. Yayy! These posts will be posted once a month depending on my schedule and plans and busy-ness and stuff . I’m going to be writing about lots of different, original (hopefully) topics to do with blogging, writing and reading….probably in the opposite order? This is my first time doing a discussion so I hope you enjoy! Today the topic is (drumroll please!):

Buying multiple versions of a book- crazy or hardcore fan?

Lots of bookish minds buy books quite a lot of books- well at least as soon as they’ve saved up enough**.

Some, however, buy more than ONE (1) copy of the same book! I was really surprised when my Harry Potter mad friend told me that she’d brought about 3 (or 9) different versions of the first book. Crazy or what?

I was pretty surprised as I don’t really buy books that often (or ever) because I usually get given them for birthdays and stuff. I would honestly never imagine buying double books because I hoard money 💰 almost as much as books in preparation for Operation Buying the World if ‘hostile takeover’ doesn’t work.

I immediately thought she was crazy but then I began to ponder over it and decided to do a post on it! This intro’s pretty long, so let’s get started!

*Do you get the sheer genius of the name?**Yeah, so it is going to take ages…

Why you are completely crazy

Just to make it clear, dear reader, I didn’t mean to insult you. Please don’t take it up with your lawyers.😐 Reasons why someone might think someuno might be crazy:

  • Brokedness* #No!!
  • You could spend the money on other supercool books
  • You could spend it on FOOD.🍍🍉🍟🥪🌮🍰🎂🍮🥧🍩🍿🍫🍪
  • You could buy me a gift- what on EARTH could be better than that?
  • If you spend it you’re going to have to save up again. Which is just plain hard
  • You probably won’t even read all the books if they tell The. Exact. Same. Story cos we’re just really lazy creatures of habit who grab the nearest thing and can’t be bothered.

*It is a real word. Trust me. When have I ever lied to you? *evil laugh*

Why you are just a hardcore fan

  • You are completely in love with a book/series and need all the merch*
  • You want to support the author- they probably spent a lot of time and effort on the book; reward them with a bit o’ cash!
  • The book contains EXTRA BONUS FEATURES!! like a bookmark, writing, illustrations, STICKERS!!!, etc
  • You have too much cash** and don’t really mind spending it
  • It gives you something to show off about- “And here is one’s exquisite collection of all the different Hunger Games editions.”
  • It would be SOOO satisfying!

* Oh. Wow. Did I actually say that?**HOW CAN YOU HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY????******If you do though, I don’t mind spending it for you *flutters eyelashes*

Wrap up

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and it was a good discussion! Personally, I can see the appeal of having every book from a particular series-  it would just be so aesthetically pleasing and satisfying! Some people do this if the editors randomly create a different chain of covers halfway through a series.

I, however, wouldn’t ever do this because I get very tempted by other things and my parents would be quite annoyed! In my opinion, you aren’t crazy if you buy different copies of the same book and hey, who am I to judge? It’s a free country! Unless you do it like all the time. Kidding! Just kidding!

CHAT WITH ME! Did you like my first ever discussion post? Or did you like it? Are you broke too? Do you like the name of this series? Any topics you want me to talk about? Have you ever bought different copies of the same book? Do you think it’s crazy or not? What’s the last book you bought?*

*I’m just curious, okay? Random question.Thanks for reading guys,

Kerys xxx

Ps. I wasn’t able to make my formatting as great as I wanted because my Dad’s busy with his laptop for work and I’m doing this from my phone. Just ignore it if it looks weird! I’ll make sure it’s perfect tomorrow!Also The Everlasting Library’s got 50 readers!!! Thanks so much guys you are awesome!! ❤️😀😊🎉

24 thoughts on “Does buying the same versions of a book make you crazy or a hardcore fan?

  1. This is such a fun post! I don’t buy multiple copies of a book… okay, well that isn’t true. I do but I unhaul the extras. So for instance I am unhauling my pbs of Harry Potter as the 20th Anniversary Slytherin editions are released. But that’s just me, I don’t care what other people do and if buying 50 copies of a book brings them joy good for them! 😀


  2. I’m definitely broke, so buying ONE copy is hard, let alone multiple. But I get why people would do it. If I wanted to support the author so badly, I would buy hundreds of the same book (who am I kidding 😂😂) Great discussion though!

    P.S. Last book I bought….I have absolutely no idea! I’m not a book buyer anyway – as I said above I’m broke lol 😉


  3. I mean yes, I am crazy. You are not wrong there Kerys haha. Although the only times I’ve bought multiple copies is for my shadowhunter books. But they have to be specifically the boxset ones. As I got the TMI boxset in the new covers from TheWorks (which is how I justified it to my parents…they were still not happy but my money, my happiness hehe) and then I waited ages for them to get TID boxsets in. So I’m anxiously awaiting TDA boxsets now that the trilogy is complete.

    My shadowhunter books are an actual mess though, it’s not even funny and it stresses me out so much. I also buy collectors editions of books I loved…cause hi I am a magpie too xD


  4. Oh, this is interesting! Honestly, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to purchase multiple copies of a book unless I had an ARC beforehand and loved it just so much that I need another copy?? But honestly, I feel like purchasing multiple copies if you’re a hardcore fan is a great way to showcase how much you love the series! And if you have enough money or funds to do it, why not?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I’m glad it made you think! I know what you mean! #LifeStruggles It’s so amazing when you like a book so much that you just NEED IT.
      I agree! If you have the opportunity, why wouldn’t you buy lots of books?! There aren’t that many more important things! xx❤️😂


  5. This is such a good discussion! Personally, I can’t buy more than one version of a book (I can’t even afford to buy one book sometimes, let alone multiple versions of a book?) but I don’t judge people who do! I think they’re very privileged and I hope they recognize that but I don’t think it makes someone more or less a reader if they can’t do that. Great discussion! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you liked it!! I know right?! Sometimes life is just so unfair 😂 but if you do get multiple books, I don’t really care (unless you treat the books badly). Sure I might be jealous but I’ll get over it in a week (or a year. or a decade) And that’s so true! Everyone’s a reader no matter what! Thanks for reading! xx❤️😀

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  6. Oh that’s such an interesting discussion – I thought about that a little bit and have to admit that… I get it and I don’t, at the same time. I get loving a series so much you’d love to own all of the editions, especially if they look so different and equally as gorgeous. Personally, though, I don’t get multiple editions of a book, because I don’t have enough shelf-space to hoard books like that and I’m happy with the editions I have already – I usually get my favorite edition, when I can choose. The only exception is my favorite book, where I have the “normal” edition and the collector edition with additional content 😀
    Congratulations on the 50 followers as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you found it interesting! It is slightly weird to be honest but there’s nothing wrong with it. 😶 There are some books I’d love to have a permanent copy of but I wouldn’t really want loads? OMG YES. SHELF SPACE IS SO PRECIOUS. (currently i don’t have a shelf and am storing my books on top of my wardrobe because my dad made me). Sometimes it can be hard to choose an edition. There are so many???? And what’s the difference??? Yay! That’s exciting! What’s your favourite book? Extra content is just so great! Thank you!!! xx❤️😀🍍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES haha shelf space really IS precious. And I take so much time picking an edition, sometimes!
        My favorite book is John Green’s Looking For Alaska, so I had to have the deluxe edition haha 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Definitely! Well, you know you get to choose once! You could take a ton of time if you wanted to! (but not really because you just want to read it!) I haven’t read that book yet! It sounds interesting but I don’t know if I’d like it! haha, the deluxe edition sounds fun!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Loved this post, really made me think! I’ve never bought different copies of the same book before but I’ve been gifted some and haven’t been able to part with them 😂 Ive been tempted to with Neil gaimans Coraline but I managed to convince myself after realizing it was the same that I should go for something different as I was looking for something new to read and wouldn’t have afforded both. I can see how people would want to with specific books like the Harry Potter series as it’s worth it if you set out to get it and will appreciate them. Also Congrats on 50 readers!! 🎉❤xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! I think it’s quite hard to make yourself buy double books but gifts are great! You don’t have to spend any money any you still get books! #DoubleBonus! 😂 It’s great how you thought about the future and what you were going to read! I’d have probably impulse-bought! I think most people wouldn’t normally buy double booked except for their favourite books/series! I agree, if you love the books, it’ll be worth it! Thank you!! xx❤️😀🍍

      Liked by 1 person

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