Crimes every bookworm commits// What do you need to take when you’re on the run??



Bookworms might pretend to be kind, polite readers when ACTUALLY they are heinous, criminal masterminds*. Today’s post is on ‘crimes’ every bookworm commits in their life! And I give you some useless tips on how to fix those crimes. Also, why am I revealing all my secrets??? I don’t even know???? I must be going mad??? This post was really fun for me to write so I hope you enjoy reading it just as much! Also, at the end, there is a SPECIAL guide on what to do when running away! Onto the words!Image result for running away cinderella disney gif

*I’m literally not even kidding


Crimes Every Bookworm Commits

1. Dog-earing books.

This is actually a really major crime. Some of you might be claiming to be innocent but honestly, we’ve all done this at one point or other. You might have done it as a smol pineapple. I did it for like 2 years when I was younger. #SorryNotSorry Or at one point or another when you didn’t have a bookmark to hand. But you know what? Is it really that much of a crime? I’m a proud *sometimes* dog-earer. Image result for i'm proud and I don't care disney gif


How do you fix this crime?

Honestly, YOU CAN’T. and that’s basically going to be my answer for everything, so sorry in advance but:

  • Don’t do it next time.
  • Keep a bookmark (or appropriate substitute) within 10 inches of you at all times.
  • Try folding the page the other way? It might undo the crease.
  • Just forget try to remember your page number
  • Make cute bookmark puppets!*Image result for cute corner bookmark ideas

*This might not really help but it’s cute.


2. Dropping food on books

What can I say? The only thing I like more than books is FOOD. So obvs, I’m going to try and combine my 2 favourite things?!? Especially when you’re too busy reading to actually eat. What do you mean you HAVE to eat?? BUT. and this is a big but Image result for minions laughing gif

There is a huge problem with this mainly because Good book+ Clumsy Bookworm+Hunger= Dropped Food= Not Good You might STAIN your precious book and that would be TERRIBLE. Or you might have sticky hands and get fingerprints all over it?! In which case the police would be able to tell it was you?!?! It’s doubly worse if it’s your friend’s book.


How do you fix this crime?

  • Try and wipe it off really quickly.
  • Apologise.
  • Rip out the page and bury it so nobody sees it.*
  • Do one of those paper transplants when you cut some paper and stick it on the damaged area.
  • Buy a new bookImage result for ruined book gif

*Not recommended


3. Cancelling on people

Oh sorry. I’m ill. I’m sorry. I have to walk the dog you don’t even have a dog. Sorry. Sometimes a book is SOO good that you can’t do anything but finish it. This might mean that you have to cancel on your friends even if it’s something you’ve been planning for ages.Image result for let me read gif

This can be quite annoying, especially if you do it almost every time.


How do you fix this crime?


  • Don’t start a book you won’t be able to finish.
  • Force yourself to stop.
  • Beg for their forgiveness.
  • Take your book with you for when you’re bored.
  • Make it up to them. Ice-cream, chocolate and gifts are good


4. Saying you’ll do something and then not doing it.

I accidentally maybe probably have done this a few times. This one is quite similar to the last one but. Imagine it: You’re reading the Best Book Ever© when you’re called down by someone to do something BORING like washing the dishes or cleaning or socializing. You say something like, “I’ll do it in 10 minutes.” Haha as if.

Image result for 2 hours later gif

One eternity later: Oh no. What was I supposed to do? AAGHHH? I’m going to be in so much trouble?!?!? Help. Maybe I could just read and pretend this never happened?


How do you fix this crime?

  • Write a reminder on your phone every time you’re told a job.
  • Rush and do it really quickly right before your parents come.
  • Leave your book. Do it first. And then read.
  • Just go and do the job.
  • Do something else to make them happy and distract them from the fact you didn’t do what they wanted.


5. Accidentally spoiling a book for someone

This one is really sad but true. Sometimes you’re just so excited about a book that you can’t stop talking about it! And that’s great! Except when you accidentally tell someone a major detail. Like it’s sad. I hate having books spoiled except I don’t really care that much? Wow. That makes no sense whatsoever because I have a pretty bad memory and will forget whatever you say in 10.63836 seconds.

Image result for 5 second memory dory gif

How do you fix this crime?

  • Pretend you’re talking about something else.
  • Change the topic REALLY QUICKLY.
  • DANCE or do something else to distract them.
  • Run away screaming like an octopus Do octopuses scream? so they forget what you said.
  • Umm… Go back in time and not say it???


6. Saying that you read a book when you oh so obviously didn’t

Everyone might be talking about a really cool book you’re supposed to have read but you didn’t. You COULD OWN UP like a good little child orrr you might claim to have read it because it’s what everyone’s talking about and you don’t want to feel left out. Looking back, it’s really stupid but I’ve done this a couple of times without even realizing. Related image


How do you fix this crime?

  • Rush home and read the book.
  • Leave before you can embarrass yourself.
  • Pretend you were thinking of a different book.
  • Avoid the person/people the book hype dies down.
  • Change the subject.Image result for change the subject cartoon gif

Note: The ‘Fix the Crime solutions’ are exaggerated in places meaning they might not be the best idea.

RIGHT. SO NOW THAT I’VE EXPOSED MY SECRETS AND YOURS, WE’RE GOING TO NEED TO RUN. HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO TAKE. Also did you notice I included 6 things not 5? #Evil #Odd Hahahhah

  • Books- You’re going to have to read
  • A bag- to carry your life’s belongings
  • Food- In particular pineapples, chocolate and doughnuts
  • Your phone- The police might be able to trace you but I’m not living without the internet. And how am I supposed to abandon you guys??
  • Soap- Bad smell= Attention
  • Clothes- You can’t really take wear the same thing more than 5 times
  • Spare books- Just in case you finish the other 300 because you have too much time.
  • Torch- So that you can read in the dark.

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That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Hugs!

Kerys xx


34 thoughts on “Crimes every bookworm commits// What do you need to take when you’re on the run??

  1. Wonderful post! I laughed so many times reading through it! But also, like kinda targetted by all of these because I am definitely guilty! I think the only thing I’ve never done is dog-ear a page, but all the others I’m definitely guilty of, especially number 4! I’m definitely looking forward to more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it! Aww I’m sorry! I think that’s the one that the least amount of people have done! Haha! That’s something I do all the time! I’m so excited you like my posts! xx ❤️😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kerys, Kerys, Kerys
    [shaking head vigourously]
    you forgot the most important point-
    Bookworms cant keep their OWN secrets.
    LOL, and btw what if the police are bookworms??

    Liked by 1 person

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