Everlasting 2019// 2019 Resolution Recap and goals for the new year!

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Welcome to the second-ever post of 2020 where I recap how badly I did on last year’s goals and set myself some new targets!

Happy New Decade peeps! I hope you’ve all been doing really well this week! Today’s my second (and maybe last) ‘Everlasting 2019’ post – a series in which I wrap up 2019 – where there’s going to be a ton of goal setting! Personally, I love goals even though I’m pretty bad at completing them because I like having something to aim for and work towards! There’s not really much to say so let’s dive right in!

image-372019 Bookish goals

  • Read 110 books In 2018, I read 116 books so I thought that 110 would be easy peasy. To quote baby Kerys,

“110 isn’t that much more and hopefully I’ll be able to get to it even if I have schoolwork and *other* commitments.”

TOTAL. JOKE. I gave up reading like halfway through the year… not a brilliant start!

  • Track my reading in a spreadsheet To be fair, I did for a while till I had a crisis and gave up on everything and I found it super useful! Shoutout to Kal who created this brilliant spreadsheet – it was super helpful!
  • Support more Asian authors and books ✔️ I think I did! I read many awesome books by Asian authors eg, Spin the Dawn, Descendant of the Crane, My So-Called Bollywood Life (review here!!) and We Hunt the Flame and I loved them!
  • Write reviews as soon as I finish reading Hah. What even are reviews?? I am a huge slacker but I did get some reviews done so not a total failure?? maybe??
  • Be more organised when it comes to ARCs I hate to say it but I’ve got a pile of 2019 arcs waiting for reviews. I am incredibly lucky to get arcs and so I need to get my life together and write reviews on time. (i do read them… i just happen to be a lazy waffle)

1/5 goals completed! at least it’s better than none!

image-372019 Blogging goals

  • Reach 1000 followers on WordPress This was a high goal and it’s disappointing that it didn’t happen but at the moment there are 660 of you! (can we get to 700 by the end of the month??) I love and appreciate you all so much, thanks for making blogging worth it when I could just disappear! let’s pretend i haven’t done that already
  • Post. Consistently Consistency? I don’t know her. We all know that I disappeared by now so let’s just move on.
  • Take more bookish photos and maybe use in posts ✔️ I did! I love taking bookish photos and I even posted some!! I have Instagram now so I’ll be posting photos there! (there’s already a little something there so go check it out @everlasting.library).
  • Comment on all blogs that interact on mine … I barely even replied to comments on my blog (i’m sorry!! but know that I read and loved all of them!)
  • Make new blogging friends! ✔️ Yeah, I guess have! I’ve met so many awesome people and I love interacting with you all even though I’m a bit shy!

2/5 goals completed! We’re getting better!


2019 Life goals

  • Learn a new skill Not really but I have become better in general?
  • Be healthier I did this till the end of April which is actually not that bad but then I kind of gave up for no reason???
  • Become more confident ✔️I am a lot more myself around my friends but if it’s a stranger irl… the anxiety…
  • Be more selfless ✔️ I was!! but I am still super protective of my stationary!
  • Follow the trend less ✔️ Let’s be real I never followed the trend in the first place because what if i couldn’t pull it off?? (i did get some airforces though and i love them so much!!

2.5/5 goals completed! That’s half folks!


There was supposed to be a writing section here but there’s no point because I didn’t write! Let’s move on to my goals for 2020!!

image-372020 Bookish goals

  • Read 75 books ~ I’ve gone lower than normal but I have loads of exams coming up so I feel like this is realistic!
  • Track my reading ~ I’m doing this with Kal’s spreadsheet again and I am so excited for all the beautiful pie charts and graphs!

2020 Stats Template

  • Write reviews ~ I feel like I’ve got a good start on this one! I’m currently writing a review for my first read of 2020, Deeplight by Frances Hardinge!
  • Support Asian authors ~ This is one that means quite a lot to me! I’m taking part in the Year of the Asian reading challenge and all the cute badges are definitely going to motivate me!
  • Reread more books ~ I know which books I love to read so it makes sense that I should read them! I really want to reread The Cruel Prince; Six of Crows and Raven Cycle series this year!

image-372020 Blogging goals

  • Post Consistently ~ This is the main one! I’m planning on posting every 5th day. I’ve already written 3 posts in the first 4 days of the year so I’m proud!
  • Reply to comments ASAP. ~ I love talking to you guys but that won’t happen if I don’t reply? So I need to stop reading comments and saying that I’ll reply to them later!
  • Interact!! ~ I love people! Especially when they’re really funny which pretty much everyone in the blogging community is! So I  really want to talk to more of you! (pls feel free to make the first move because i’m super anxious)
  • Reach 1000 followers on WordPress ~ We didn’t get to it last year but I’m sure we can this year!
  • Reach 500 Instagram followers ~ This is just me crossing my fingers and hoping for the best but maybe…!
  • Stop comparing my blog to others ~ Yeah, I really need to do this because I end up with a negative mindset and feeling super hopeless which is awful.

image-372020 Life goals

  • Focus on my studies ~ I have super important exams coming up and I really need to make sure I revise for them instead of letting blogging become more important
  • Figure out what I want to do with my life ~ There are so many things I could be but I have no idea what I want to do. I really want to have some sort of direction by the end of the year!
  • Work out consistently and be healthy ~ I just want to live my best life and I can’t do that if I’m not looking after myself!
  • Talk to people when I’m not okay ~ I always keep everything inside me and even if someone hurts me, I don’t talk to them about it so they don’t realise and carry on. It’s really not good for my mental health and I need to talk when I’m unhappy.

Chat With Me

What are your goals for the new year? How do you track your reading? Any milestones you want to hit? Are you doing good? What are you reading? DIVULGE YOUR SECRETS!


Kerys xx


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14 thoughts on “Everlasting 2019// 2019 Resolution Recap and goals for the new year!

  1. Stationary is my treasure and I protect it at all costs. I was that person in school who always had plenty of pens and people who forgot their pens would usually ask me to borrow one…I purposefully gave them cheap ones that I wouldn’t mind not getting back because HA YOU THINK I’M GONNA LOAN YOU A PRETTY PEN THINK AGAIN

    Talking to strangers is a nope for me at the moment, I can do it but it gives me anxiety (I think I have mild social anxiety tho ahem, which would explain a lot) So the things I’d love to do or would’ve done before I got anxious I struggle to do…sometimes I just flat out u-turn out of a shop because I can’t talk myself up to ordering food which is so simple but yeah…it’s a struggle. So I’m sending you all the good vibes and love for that one Kerys ❤

    As for the rest of your goals, you tried which in my eyes means you didn't fail, life just turned your world upside down which does happen to us all at some point. Here's to you completing your 2020 goals ❤


    1. Stationary just makes me so happy?! I’m obsessed with this red Uniball pen I have at the moment and I’m literally just making excuses to use it! 😂 that is such a mood though! literally everyone I know just carries pens in their blazer and then there’s me – a full-on stationary shop 😂

      good luck to us both on that one but tbh who needs strangers when we can be sociable online?!

      Thank you so much for being such an awesome and kind human being!! Hope you have a wonderful 2020! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m super protective of my stationary too 😂
    And I have the habit of re reading books but I have a list of new ones to read so I’m confused 🤔
    I hope you achieve all your goals this year!! ❤


  3. I love how detailed you are with your goals and plans. I am gonna be here rooting for you to get them all done. Yay! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omjg… Talk to people. That’s one of my goals and I’m not having fun… GOOD LUCK.

    ALSO the whole giving up thing is a mood and ALSO OKAY if you can’t handle that many things, just focus on priorities!

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK on your goals! (You’ll do fantastic)

    Liked by 1 person

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