I listened to an audiobook for the first time – would I do it again?// ft. me questioning everything + LISTS


AudioYAY or AudioNAY? I listened to an audiobook for the first time! (am i hip and down with the cool peeps or what*)

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing really well this week! Today’s post is all about my experience listening to an audiobook for the first time! I have heard so many of my bookish friends rave about audiobooks and I was really curious to see what it would be like, so, I decided to gave it a go! The book I listened to is ‘This Savage Song’ by Victoria Schwab on Youtube to which I gave ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 stars)! You can read my brief thoughts here.

*i’m embarrassing myself again oops

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What I love about audiobooks

Audiobooks are great and I know a lot of people love them! There has been an incredible rise in the number of audiobooks through 2019. Here are some things that I loved about listening to an audiobook!

  • Listening to audiobooks is exciting! Reading books in a physical format can get tedious at points so listening to stories is fun and new! When I began listening, I was genuinely so curious and eager for the experience!
  • You can multitask! The thought of listening to an audiobook first crossed my mind because I wanted to listen to something while I walked. Many others also listen to audiobooks when doing chores which is great because it utilises the time you have!
  • They are cheap! Audiobooks are cheaper than physical books and are widely available through services eg, Audible! Youtube has loads of free audiobooks too such as This Savage Song (which I listened to!). Just search YA audiobooks!

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  • You can relax! With audiobooks, you don’t have to worry about turning the page or tapping your Kindle screen, you just simply press play and enjoy! It is very simple to use and doesn’t need much effort!
  • Your eyes get a break! Reading, especially small letters, can hurt your eyes after a while. Audiobooks are a great way to take the stress of them!
  • Narrators can be really engaging! Narrators can majorly influence your experience and opinions of a book. Multiple narrators for each character or different tones and enthusiasm can make the story very fun!
  • They are convenient and portable! Audiobooks don’t take up space (you just need a device to listen on!) and can be carried anywhere! You can carry as many audiobooks with you at once as you wish!


What I dislike about audiobooks

While audiobooks can be brilliant, there also are some downsides.

  • They can be too slow- I am quite a fast reader and I am also vERY impatient so I felt the audiobook was waaaay too slow at points. When I increased the speed, it just made it harder to listen to each word and didn’t really speed anything up. I ended up just quitting at one point and reading the ebook version I had.
  • It’s easy to get lost- I found it really easy to get lost when I was listening to the audiobook. I’m bad at multitasking so it was easy for me to get distracted and miss key points of the story. I ended up zoning out. A lot.
  • The pace can be annoying- When you read a physical book, you get to control the pace at which you read. You can read dense sections multiple times or speed past fast-paced, exciting bits. However, audiobooks have a set pace which can be frustrating.

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  • Audiobooks require data/internet- This depends on what platform you use but as I used Youtube, I wasn’t able to listen to audiobooks outside my house. Streaming would have taken up too much of my data.
  • It’s hard to skip back correctly- Since the most common way to skip is by dragging the progress icon thing (tell me you know what i’m talking about!), it can be easy to skip too far back or forward. It’s also hard to find the bit you want.
  • You can’t save quotes as you read- I don’t normally do this but sometimes when a quote is particularly good, I record it. However, this is a lot harder to do when listening to an audiobook!
  • They are technology-dependent- Audiobooks need a device eg, phone/tablet meaning if your battery runs out, you have nothing to do. In addition, you need Internet access to be able to download audiobooks.


So would I listen to audiobooks again?

Audiobooks can be really amazing! They provide lots of people the opportunity to read more and can help utilise time! Reading a mix of print books, ebooks and audiobooks is something that I aspire to do in the future.

However, at the moment, I am not so busy that I have no time to read. I find it incredibly frustrating when audiobooks are slow and not the right pace for me. Therefore, I don’t think I will be listening to audiobooks at the moment but it is something I want to do when I have less time dedicated to specific reading!

Chat With Me

Do you listen to audiobooks? Have you had a similar experience to me? Do you have any audiobooks you love? How are you all doing in general? What did you have for breakfast this morning? (breakfast foods are elite) What are you reading right now?


Kerys xx

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29 thoughts on “I listened to an audiobook for the first time – would I do it again?// ft. me questioning everything + LISTS

  1. I’ve been mostly listening to audiobooks since December and I love it! At first, I just got a free Storytel subscription but I love that I’m more mobile and don’t have to sit in one place to read. I also moved from 1x speed to 2x and it’s wayy more efficient. Honestly, sometimes it’s still too slow even.

    I agree that it sucks that you can’t save quotes or make notes without pausing but sometimes it’s fun to just listen to the story and not pay attention to what you would do with the details after. I have an awful case of not being able to turn off my reviewer’s voice while reading and overanalysing everything instead of enjoying the book so audiobooks are a great help!

    My favourite audiobook is The Brilliant Death — the voice actor does such a BRILLIANT job!!

    Amazing post! I hope you’ll find some more audiobooks which you’ll enjoy! Also, if you have Spotify — I made a post about how to find audiobooks there 🙂


  2. I love audiobooks. I mostly listen to them while driving since I have about a 2 hour drive each day to get to work. They help me get more reading done. I really love when the narrator does different voices for characters or when there’s a full cast. Great post.


  3. Ahh this is a very interesting post! I actually never tried listening to an audiobook, maybe I should, I had no idea you could find some on youtube, that’s so great! What I’m really nervous about is, like you said, zoning out. I tend to sometimes, have a hard time focusing and I’m scared I wouldn’t be as focused listening to a story as I can be while actually reading it. I’ll have to try it out though! 🙂


  4. Very good post! You bring up some good points, and I know audiobooks aren’t from everyone. That being said, I know not all audiobooks are for everyone. I know I, personally, am rather picky about what books I do or don’t listen to. For example I dont listen to many fantasy books because I tend to miss details. I just like something enjoyable and memorable so I can keep it on no matter what I’m doing. =]


  5. I love audiobooks, but only for non-fiction. I find fiction books too difficult to listen to and not get lost. I get distracted easily. The only fiction audiobooks I’ve managed to listen to properly are the Harry Potter ones, because I don’t have to pay so much attention to those haha!


  6. Great points all around. Some books just don’t work for me in audio, even after listening so many of them now for several years now–the ‘hard to follow’ thing can be real depending on the narration and type of story. I still love them though, I get so much more reading in, that multi-tasking is a huge bonus for me. 🙂


  7. I’m solidly in the pro-audiobooks category cause I produce and narrate audiobooks for a living (I’m biased LOL). But I do agree with some of the downsides you point out, especially with pace, or if a narrator isn’t engaging (I downloaded a zombie book I had been dying to read for a long time, and ended up abandoning it cause the narrator was terrible). Audiobooks really work well for me as a listener since I drive a lot, so I have a lot of time for audiobooks and podcasts. If I may recommend an audiobook if you haven’t read it yet: “Educated,” my Tara Westover and narrated by Julia Whelan. The book is excellent, and Julia does a fantastic job of narrating!

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  8. Kerys this post is SO AWESOME!!

    It is one of my goals this year to make more use of audiobooks to maximise my reading and I love all the points you’ve made. It’s also really cool that you can find some free online.

    I’ve been using Libro.fm and am on the ALC list and LOVING THEM


  9. My absolute favorite audiobook is Gemina. It has sound effects and different actors so it’s really just an audio drama and I LOVE IT. I listened to it about 5 times last year.

    Also HARRY POTTER. I once made the mistake of listening to deathly hallows as I went to sleep and so I cried. I really love Chamber of Secrets (snake voice) also Jim Dale is incredible

    But the only thing is, if I haven’t read the book before, I likely won’t be paying enough attention to get all the (hopefully) plot twists and (hopefully) interesting things so… *shrugs* idk man

    But you’ve made it this far w/o listening to an audiobook? That must be a world record omjg


    1. Audiobooks are very passive so it is definitely easy to zone out and get lost! I’ve been trying to listen to podcasts too but it just doesn’t seem to work for me! If you try them in the future, I do hope you have a positive experience!

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  10. I started listening to an audio book but because it was YA it had a teen protagonist & the reader was so obviously an adult & I just found that weird? Like, in my head I can read it in a teen voice (duh, cause I am one) so I just never tried again… I also just like reading at my own pace, sometimes I read quick, sometimes I read slow, it depends on the book & I like being able to slow down or speed up 💕💕

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    1. I can see how that would be really odd. Your right, in our heads we can make the characters sound any way we want and imagine them in any way! Pace of a book is super important to me too and so it’s just different when you can’t change it! Thank you so much for reading El! 💛

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  11. I totally agree! I used to think I couldn’t ever listen to audiobooks because I am such a visual person, but I’ve actually gotten a lot better at them! I still struggle with zoning out, and I mostly listen to contemporary or rom com books because they’re not too complicated (and I’m not constantly skipping backward!). I actually started listening to audiobooks because I commuted 1&1/2 hours every day and it gave me something to do in the car.

    For breakfast I ate eggs, sausage, and hot tea, and I am reading With the Fire on High!

    Lovely post! ☺️


    1. I’m glad you can relate! I feel like audiobooks are something you either click with instantly or have to work towards liking them! They can definitely be useful and it’s good that you have something to do on your commute! I think I might try a contemporary next time because it’s so hard to get lost with fantasy!

      That sounds like a delicious breakfast! I hope you enjoyed it! With the Fire on High has been on my TBR for so long! Tell me what you think of it!

      Thank you so much for reading! 💛

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  12. I definitely think there are pros and cons to audiobooks and it can depend on the reader. I only started trying them out the middle of last year from my library (which was perfect as I was experimenting and it was free)!!
    I think my favourites parts are that it is great to do when multitasking, it has increased my reading and it encourages me to try different books. I think I listen a 2x or 2.5x speed but it takes me a minute or two to adjust to the increased volume.
    I would say my main downside it that I can get distracted whilst doing things and if I’m doing nothing I would rather have the physical form. I also miss not being able to save quotes.
    I loved this discussion and agreed with many of the things that you’ve said!! Great post!


  13. Whooo congrats on reading your first audiobooks!! I started listening to audiobooks when I started blogging, and they are AMAZING ✨ I definitely agree with so many of the points that you brought up. I wish I could annotate my audiobooks because I love keeping track of quotes and remembering where certain things are! They are also super dependent on the narrator too!

    I’ve gotten better at listening to faster speeds over time so hopefully, it will get better for you as well! I hope you get the chance to listen to more in the future


  14. Great post, Kerys! I discovered audiobooks last year and they are a huge game changer for me! I primarily use Libby, which is powered through OverDrive and my local county library, to listen to free ebooks all the time! This app allows me to borrow audiobooks for up to 3 weeks, and are accessible through my phone after being downloaded or connected to data. This app actually allows you to include annotations/notes and bookmark certain sections of the story while you’re listening! It also allows you to adjust the speed as needing, but I totally feel you with some audiobooks having awkward speeds! It also has a handy little skip forward and backward 15 second button, and a table of contents that allows you to jump to each chapter! If you decided to give them a try again once you have more time, I would highly recommend using that app! ☺️


  15. I didn’t know Youtube had audiobooks! I’m going to look at what they have right now! I started listening to audiobooks about a year ago, and I love it! Not all audiobooks are easy to listen to, but for the most part, they help me read books much quicker.

    I agree with all of your points – they can be cheap (or free!) and they can also be very exciting to listen to, especially with multiple narrators! I like checking out audiobooks from my local library through an app, and now that’s how I read most of my books.

    I also like reading books in many different forms, and I especially love physical hardbacks, but audiobooks are great for whenever I’m too busy. I hope you enjoy your next audiobook, too! 🙂


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