Hi! It’s WEDNESDAY!! How are you all doing? It’s time to brighten up this week because it’s my Blog Party!! We’re celebrating 200 followers!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! In this Blog Party, you can share your blog and social links and meet other bloggers too! I hope you all enjoy this party and follow along with the rules below. Rules: Include some info about your blog! People aren’t just … Continue reading BLOG PARTAYYY!!!

200 followers!//Blog party invite+Q&A+I GOT TWITTERRRR

Hey. Guess what? The Everlasting Library has OFFICIALLY hit 200 followers!! Can you believe it?! I can’t believe it! To be honest, though, this isn’t the first time I’m freaking out. I freak out every SINGLE time I get another follow; another like; another comment.There is literally no other feeling like when I realise people from all over the WORLD actually care or at the very … Continue reading 200 followers!//Blog party invite+Q&A+I GOT TWITTERRRR