Rip it or Ship it Book tag which i obvs was not tagged for// ft. me being overly judgy

Rip it or ship it tag (1)


Kerys is back and this time with a tag that she stole! I mean is it even a tag if a) I don’t do it a million years late or b) I wasn’t actually tagged in the first place but still do it??

Today I’m going to be doing the Rip it or Ship it tag which I have been obsessed with ever since I saw it on Rain’s blog! I’m still shocked at how clearly I can remember this post from *hops over to check* November 2018?? when I can barely remember what I had for breakfast?? (future kerys: i had cereal acTUALLY.  hah in yoUR FACE.)

I am very qualified to do this even though I may be a lonely single pringle and judging couples is totally my jam! This tag was originally made by Emma and I am so so so excited to do this!! I chose 20 characters from various books and then picked their names out at random! I cannot wait to see how this goes so imma just start now adfdgfhgj;

but first… I hope you’re all staying safe during Covid-19 and this makes you smile! I have some thoughts about this virus and they don’t really make sense in a paragraph so let’s bullet point!

  • It’s crazy how we read loads of books about the world ending (not that it’s going to) and how a pandemic is aCTUallY happening.
  • It’s so weird that schools will probably teach about this in the future like – “Evaluate 3 responses to the Covid-19 virus and their effects'” – like whATTT?!
  • gosh I go old school British when I freak out it feels so unreal!
  • schools have closed in England and Friday was my last day. there was free!! food!! and we had non-uniform AND a class party at the end of the day!
  • it sucks that school could be closed till SEPTEMBER. That’s half A frEAkinG yeAR people i barely get along with the fam in the evenings how am i supposed to manage that long?!
  • at least we get to tell our grandkids that we lived through a pandemic! i mean only if we survive that long (totally joking sorry if I stress you out xx)

okay crazy rambling over let’s go!


How does it work?

1. Choose some bookish characters.

2. ‎Pick two names randomly.

3. Decide whether you ship the characters or not!

*it doesn’t seem that complicated so let’s hope i can’t mess it up


Round 1

Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle) + Blue Sargent (The Raven Cycle)

Ship name: Blonan?? Ronlue??

okay I suck at making ship names but however unattractive the name might be, I FRIENDSHIP THESE TWO SO MUCH!! Like I can really imagine them teaming up to make fun of Gansey and Adam; Blue being all badass and Ronan being grudgingly proud; them having inside jokes and doing stupid pranks! *screams internally* I am so here for this! I don’t ship them in a romantic way but the friendSHIP is so strong!! We are off to a brilliant start!!


“No homework. I got suspended,” Blue replied.

“Get the fuck out,” Ronan said, but with admiration. “Sargent, you asshole… For what?”

“Emptying another student’s backpack over his car. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“I do,” Ronan said.

“Well, I don’t. I’m not proud of it.”

Ronan patted her leg. “I’ll be proud for you.”


Round 2

Baz (Carry On) + Jimuro (Steel Crow Saga)

Ship Name: Jaz

Jaz is kinda a snappy name but honestly… I don’t see it. Jimuro is all ‘for the good of my people’ and he’s super into become a ruler and I don’t think Baz would really care much about that. Also, they’re from such different books that I just can’t imagine them together! This ship just wouldn’t work in my eyes.


Round 3

Tala (Steel Crow Saga) + Nina Zenik (Six of Crows)

Ship Name: Tana

Tala would definitely take some time to warm up to Nina but I could see them becoming good friends! I can see coffee chats and Netflix and pizza! They’re both fierce, strong women and would bond over all the suffering they’ve had to deal with in their lives. I don’t know if they’d fall for each other (actually maybe after a bit) but mainly I think their friendship would be so powerful!


Round 4

Winnie Mehta (My So-Called Bollywood Life) + Adam Parrish (The Raven Cycle)

Ship Name: Adie

omg yes. I could totally see this! Adam would be that shy, super smart kid in school and Winnie would be that arty, passionate, confident kid! They’d get thrown together for some school event or other. Adam might find Winnie annoying at first but they’d both fall for each other’s kindness and become the underdog power couple of the school!


Round 5

Inej Ghafa (Six of Crows) + Locke (The Cruel Prince)

Ship Name: Ink(e)

NO WAY JOSE. Inej would get so fed up about Locke using people and being such a douchebag that she would stab him asap (I don’t blame her) so this ship is well and truly riPPED. no it’s not just because I don’t like locKE for hurting my sneaky twins.

Image result for rip gif


Round 6

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) + Grey Emerson (Of Curses and Kisses)

Ship Name: Grason (said Gray-Son) is the best I could do!

oooh! I can totally see these two curled up with a book, just reading with some hot chocolate together! They’d have really deep discussions and interesting debates and they wouldn’t get bored of each other!


Round 7

Taryn Duarte (The Cruel Prince) + Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows)

Ship Name: Karyn

yeah no… Kaz is a streetsmart Dreg who plots heists and is all-around amazing. Taryn, however, would rather look pretty and go to balls and be a backsTABBING TRAITOR. Kaz would NOT be able to stand that. He’d just get so annoyed by Taryn!! This is just a complete and utter no.

Image result for not happening gif


Round 8

Spensa (Skyward) + Cardan (The Cruel Prince)

Ship Name: Carsa?

I can kinda see it! Not as much as Judan obviously but Cardan would make Spensa teach him about flying and she’d get irritated by him and his entitlement but they’d slowly become friends! And they’d make such a strong team!


Round 9

Ariel Stone (You Asked for Perfect) + Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Ship Name: Stralfoy?


  • Draco teaching Ariel to be proud of himself and know his worth!!
  • Ariel stopping Draco from being too cruel!!
  • Ariel showing Draco around the Muggle world!!
  • Draco moving in with Ariel and being amazed by simple things like coffee makers!!
  • Draco being fiercely protective and hexing anyone who tried to annoy them!!

I can soooo see it!!


Round 10

Jude Duarte (The Cruel Prince) + Zafira (We Hunt the Flame)

Okay they’re both amazing, strong, female protagonists but do I really see it? Spoiler alert: No. This is also because they’re just from such different worlds that I just can’t really see it happening!

Chat With Me

Chat with me! What do you think? Do you ship any of these pairs? What’s your favourite ship that wasn’t a ship? Mine’s Dramione! How are you doing? Divulge your secrets…

Hugs and stay safe!

Kerys xx

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13 thoughts on “Rip it or Ship it Book tag which i obvs was not tagged for// ft. me being overly judgy

  1. This post was so so so so fun! Inej and Locke? YEAH not happening! Kaz and Taryn? NO freaking way! If this post showed me anything is that I need to read more books (i have not read The Raven Cycle, Carry On, Skyward and so many others so yeah 🙈)


  2. omg the soc and tcp pair-ups are killing me!! what a coincidence, but also the dregs would really kill their paired partner for being annoying haha. and actually… i could see jude and zafira working? just because i feel like they have a similar personality, though jude is much more morally grey haha — but you’re right, they’re from such different worlds!

    i haven’t read the other books in your post to have an opinion on the ships, but this was such a fun post! i hope you’re staying as safe and healthy as you can amidst this whole mess, and it really is crazy to think that some day people will be analyzing it like we look back on the plague 😭😭


  3. This tag is so fun! 😍 I like Cardan and Draco both so I kinda understand what sort of relationship they can be in with the ones they were paired with. But honestly, I’d ship them both! 😂


  4. THIS TAG IS SO MUCH FUN!!! i hope you’re keeping safe too, it’s freaking scary what’s happening to the world during these times but i really hope it passes quickly and we’re all able to go back to normal life 😭😭😭

    blue and ronan are BESTIES and i will hear nothing more. THAT QUOTE!!! i loved it so much. surprisingly, i see winne and adam actually working out?? they have really complimenting personalities and even though adam is a magical being, this might be a legit thing lol

    INEJ WOULD NEVER GO NEAR THAT PIECE OF…. 🤢🤢🤢 omg it’s so FUNNY to me that inej got locke and kaz got taryn hahah what are the CHANCES. they can just switch people and then everything will be good.

    spensa and cardan 👀 hm. i feel like they would bicker A LOT but i think they would actually be really good friends. theyre both snarky and opinionated.
    THIS WAS SO FUN TO READ thank you for bringing some happiness to our lives during these awful times!! hope you’re doing good ❤️❤️


  5. Okay even the name Karyn is the first red flag in that relationship.

    I really like Nuna (Luna/Neville) and my BROTP is Tonks and the 10th Doctor.

    Also I don’t really ship Kaz with anyone but Jar Jar Binks. Definitely. 1000000% xD

    I hope you have the March of your dreams!


  6. I have read most of the books here so this post was so much fun. And I completely wholeheartedly agree with Inej stabbing Locke 😂😂😂


    That Covid-19 questionaire omg! I’m pretty pretty that could happen. So surreal😂😂


  8. The virus is insane and scary. I was thinking the other day about how it is going to be in history books and I always imagine how history books will have tweets in them in the future as well. I hope you are well and staying safe!!
    Yes Blue and Ronan have an epic friendship, I love them as friends too!!
    I don’t know who Jimuro is as I’ve never read that book but the ship name Jaz does sound pretty cool just on its own!!
    From what you said Winnie and Adam sounds amazing together from the way you’ve described them, I love it!!
    Draco and Ariel do sound interesting together, sounds like they could balance each other out in a way!!
    This was so fun to read and just what I needed!! ❤


  9. This post is awesome and hilarious lol. Taryn and Kaz is 100% NOT happening at all. Uh uh, no way. Jude and Kaz, I can kinda see it, but Taryn? Nope. 0% chance. And Inej + Locke also could never happen for all the reasons you mentioned lol. Though for Jude and Zafira, I don’t think it would work even if they were from the same world. I think they’re both too headstrong, and a bit unlike each other, so I honestly can’t see it working ever. Friends? Maybe, but not a ship 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss so glad you liked it!! Kaz and Jude? maybe. Kaz and Taryn someone will 110% be stabbed. I agree about Jude and zafira because I just can’t really see it??

      Anyways thank you for commenting!! You made me really happy! Have a brilliant day! 💛

      Liked by 1 person

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