Hi! It’s WEDNESDAY!! How are you all doing?

It’s time to brighten up this week because it’s my Blog Party!!

We’re celebrating 200 followers!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

In this Blog Party, you can share your blog and social links and meet other bloggers too! I hope you all enjoy this party and follow along with the rules below.


  • Include some info about your blog! People aren’t just going to go clicking on random links! Don’t forget your URL!
  • Feel free to share your blog 3 times throughout the party, but leave time in between for the ULTIMATE partying
  • Find and follow other blogs that meet your interests!
  • Feel free to reply to other people’s comments in the party and make blogging friends!
  • Try and visit quite a lot of the blogs!

This is optional but follow me maybe? Ask me a question for the Q&A through the form at the bottom? I dunno? maybe? if you want to???

Comment your FAVOURITE ICE-CREAM FLAVOR!! Have a fun party!!

Note: This Party won’t officially close bit random sorry but try to comment before Saturday 8th! (my next post goes up then and this’ll be harder to find!)


Kerys xx

39 thoughts on “BLOG PARTAYYY!!!

  1. Kerys, OMG, 200 followers!!!
    I’m sooooo happy for you…….Btw people who visit the comments section, my blog is at
    I’m still stuck with 9 followers.

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  2. 2oo followers!??!!! CONGRATULATIONS, girl!!!

    We are two goofy sisters who love life. Part of a ministry family of nine with little to no spending money, we have become somewhat … um… professional?? at penny-pinching and dollar-stretching. 😛 We’ve gotten kinda good at having LOTS of fun without a lot of money!

    So we recently started a frugal lifestyle blog together to share our tips, DIY’s, lifestyle, frugal fun ideas, and lots more with ya’ll!

    Pleasey come drop us a note so we can chat!! We love meeting new ppl. XD

    The BESTEST icecream is definitely Cookies ‘N Cream!!! What is your fave flavor, Kerys? *Sends virtual sprinkles and loads of ice cream for you*


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  3. WOW!!! Huge congrats on 200, girl!!

    This is super cool! Um… so, I’m Anna (pronounced “Onnuh” like in Frozen), and I started my life/writer/reader/random blog this June. 🙂

    AND I started off by coining a word. *hides* It’s “storynerd”, which I have decided means “lover of all things which hold a tale”. lol

    Yeah, so obviously I devour thick books and write stories and adore soulful movies and am a professional people-watcher. I’m two inches over five feet tall (#accomplished), I like sketching my story characters, and I have eaten waay too much chocolate and ice cream for one lifetime.

    (Did I mention I’m also really terrible at introducing myself? 😛 )

    Tell me about you!

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  4. Congratulations on 200 followers!! 😊🎉

    My blog is The Thoughtful Voice,, and I mainly blog about books – I write book reviews & do tags and challenges! Many of my posts include Brooklyn Nine-Nine gifs, because it’s my favorite show, hehe. I absolutely love reading, and currently, my favorite genre to read is contemporary. I love chatting with everyone and anyone about books we love (or hate), and just screaming about books in general.

    I can’t wait to check out everyone’s blogs! 💞


  5. Gotta love parties! 😉
    Well, I’m Mallorie. My blog is currently focusing a lot of self-development and improving your life and yourself, be it through analyzing books, or personal experience stories, or plain old thoughts about life and how it should work. There’s a lot of quirkiness to my style, but I like to think I also help people along the way. 🙂 Oh! I have some writing stories and such on there too. ENJOYYYYYYY.

    My favorite ice cream is Mackinaw Island Fudge…. I’m a pure Michigander. 😉


  6. Hiiii, I’m Bibi from Bibi’s book blog (link: – I think my blog is pretty self explanatory, it’s your run of the mill book blog filled with reviews, my thoughts and loads of tags :D.

    I just want to wish you congratulations on your follower milestone. That’s so well done and incredibly well deserved! I think it’s so cool you’re using this opportunity, to unite bloggers. I’ve already seen some great ones here that I’m now following 😀


  7. Congrats on 200 followers!
    I’m Sapphire Song, and I blog at
    I blog about random stuff like stories, bookish and writing posts, some discussion, and other fun stuff! I blog once or twice a week. 🙂

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  8. Ayyyyy congratulations and celebrations🎶 seriously anyone else started singing that song? Just me…okay… As I was saying, well typing, congratulations on 200 followers!!! It’s partaaaayyyyy time😂 I’m just too hyper today.

    Anyhoo, heyo I’m Ally…well that’s what I go by in moi blog.
    I write the most random things. Like seriously so random. Some topics are serious, other’s are just stupid experiences I’ve had.. atleast it’ll give you a good laugh😂 Ooh! I also post my sketches!!! I love art and pandas and chocolates and chicken basically any food…yea I’ve gone off topic. Imma stop now. Baiii♥️🐼

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  9. OMG CONGRATS GIRL! You couldn’t deserve this more xxx I love salted caramel ice cream more than anything else 😂
    Hello everybody! I’m Rhiana, but you can call me Rhi 😉
    I blog about life, books, my addiction to gilmore girls, and yeah, I do a lot of tags. Feel free to nominate me for some 😉
    Congratulations again Kerys!
    Rhi xxx

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  10. Congrats on 200 followers! You’re really awesome!

    Hi everyone! 😁 I am Daria and my blog is Bookaholic’s Therapy. I blog about books (and sometimes book to movie adaptations). I do reviews, tags, Top 5 Wednesday and I’m thinking to include some writing posts. I’m also thinking to write some life posts, because I’m starting highschool on Monday. (Can you give me an opinion on this?)
    My url is:

    I really want to make new friends online! 🤗

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    1. Honestly, just avoid TRYING to be popular, find 3 really good friends and stick with them for the next 5 years (or 4 years idk I’m British, hello?) and don’t get social media until you’re… 15? Because anything before 15 is just a box of ancient cringe and will haunt you for the rest of your life. Also, be nice to everyone, even the rude kids and the unpopular ones, because you’ll want to decrease the amount of drama you have and by the end everyone is just friends with everyone and no one gives a shit about anything lol so don’t cause any unnecessary stress. As for school work, try to stay on top of it from the very beginning, because you will be very thankful for it in the end. No slacking! I just finished secondary school/high school and it was some of the best years of my life and I miss it so much, so honestly just enjoy yourself as much as you can, it’s an experience. I also start sixth form on Monday (I think that’s junior year in American terms) but in England we have a separate school for junior and senior year, so I know exactly how you feel! Just try not to worry, and everything should fall in to place. 🙂 Xx

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  11. Congrats on 200 followers you sweet lil dumpling! 💕
    Heyy my name is Wamby and my blog is about me and my life as a awkward random weird hamster. Just imagine a 5 year old inside a 15 year old body- that would be me. I always try my best to make people laugh and I like making new friends. I just realized that this is like making a tinder bio… 👍
    Moi’s blog link:
    I also have an instagram ((Wambby)) and twitter ((Wamjam)) so check it outt and stuff! What now?… Here’s an emoji of a cow 🐄

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  12. Congrats on 200 followers you have come so far in such a short amount of time. I’m Taylor on myb blog I post lifestyle blogs. A lot of random stuff like art, reviews on movies/ books, cooking recipes, diys, traveling and life stories. On this blog I really just post about anything. I hope you guys check it out.
    This is my blog: here is my blog

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  13. First of all, congrats on 200 follower Kerys!! And, Hii! I’m a 16 yr old Asian UK blogger, who’s starting sixth form on Monday (yikes). I blog about my life, but mainly movie/show/song/book reviews, short stories that I’ve written, my rants about feminism and anything political cuz GURL I’LL GO THERE 😅 and whatever else I deem entertaining. My url is , my Twitter is @untitled366 and yh. 🙂 my favourite thing about blogging is meeting other bloggers and reading other people’s content so I’m really excited to read everyone’s blogs! Xx

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  14. Congrats!
    I’m Ava, an aspiring artist, and writer who loves stars, books and everything in between.

    I am a Christian Home-schooled gal that loves to read, draw, write, animate, design and may have a small Youtube obsession✧
    follow my blog which is down below!
    I share art, book posts and all sorts of other stuff! I try my best to inspire others through my writing!

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  15. HEYY! My name’s Elm and my blog is all about my life; it basically includes me screaming about happenings to do with moi and updating my poor, unfortunate readers. I try to help as many people as I can through my posts. Essentially, I want people to know that they’re not alone in the things that they go through.
    Stuff I blog about: mental health, random thoughts, specific days that mean a lot to me and my friends.
    My blog link is:
    You can follow me on Twitter @theotherelm 🙂
    And I LOVE chocolate icecream AGH!!
    Can’t wait to discover other blogs!

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      1. !!!! !!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGGGG AGHH thank you!!!! I’m so sad that I didn’t join in as much with this as I wanted, like I had plans to reply and read every blog that commented but my life has taken a sudden hectic turn and Agh!!!! I LOVE your blog so much! I think you nominated me for a tag that you created and I need to do that at some point because I loved it so much!! xx

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  16. Wow congrats on 200 followers!! and hey everyone! I’m Rosie! (well that’s my name on my blog anyway!)
    I would like to consider myself a lifestyle blogger but I think I just really random! I post about anything from book reviews to feminism or makeup!
    Here is my blog!
    My fav ice cream flavour is probably mango sorbet xxx

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