5 Seemingly pointless things a bookworm spends time on



Dun Dun Dun…!

You really shouldn’t try to understand why a bookworm does something. Why?

  • It will burst your puny human* mind
  • Not everything has a reason ok?! I mean why are there MICRO PIGS?????micro pif

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. However, being the GENEROUS Queen of the Universe person that I am, I decided to try and help you understand the bookish ways©**. Also in this post, I use lists. Because LISTS??? #AddedBonus. And anyway, everyone deserves some pointlessness in their lives. I’m too kind.***lists.gif

Note: DON’T read this if you like everything having a proper reason.

*Because bookworms have a really weird way of thinking compared to teeny humans.

**Pfft, as if you could understand? You must be one with the tree bookworm.

***I’m completely not getting you to trust me so that world domination will be easier. Haha, why would you even think that? haha hahahaDivider1.png


1. Organising and reorganising a bookshelf.

There are so many ways to organise!! I’m literally dying of happiness right now:

    • Alphabetically- By the first name of the authour or the last name of the author or the first letter of the title or… the last letter of the title??*
    • Colour order- Aesthetically pleasing or what?
    • Height order- More satisfying the slime. True fact.
    • By genre- This doesn’t really work if you only read a couple of genres but still???
    • Randomly- Like why not? Bookworms are paid by the book I wish so obvs they’re going to spend more time reading???




Having a BEAUTIFUL shelf is just like gygwugwgcghueu *jaw drop*. It is also very important to (most) bookworms**. All the books are just so gorgeous and neat and easy to find.

*Why are you looking at me like that??? You could totally do that if you wanted to.

**Unfortunately I don’t currently have a shelf and am stacking books in massive piles on my floor? What who said that?Divider1.png

2. Staring at books

Er, who doesn’t do this? 54% of SAID BOOKWORM’S time is spent staring at books. Everyone AT LEAST does this at one point in their lives. Because:

  • Oooh, the pretty colours!
  • Oooh, the gorgeous covers!
  • Oooh, the soft pages! I must stroke it now.
  • Oooh, the joy I’ll have when I read them!*
  • Oooh, the mental trauma and scarring these books are going to leave me with is almost hidden too well!

This is basically me every other day and why I have no life. You just need… some time before you earn the right to read that amazing book.

*If I ever stop staring.Image result for pretty  staring disney  gifDivider1.png

3. Doing nothing for a while after finishing a book

I don’t know if this is everyone but it is ME. If I just read a particularly sad book, I just need time to:

  • Let the sadness take over
  • Cry my eyes out
  • Scream*
  • Beg the authour to change the ending*
  • Dream about alternate endings
  • And oh I don’t know but maybe bang my head on the wall like Dobby?Image result for dobby head bang gif

You should definitely NOT approach a bookworm in any of these stages. They just want to wallow in their tears and self-pity and feel sorry for themselves. If you interrupt, they will either a) soak your shirt with tears and make you listen to a massive rant about why life is so unfair. b) Shout at you till you start crying as well or their throat hurts (in which case they will eat chocolate and ice-cream).** c) Be glad for the distraction/attention.***

*This being in their head of course.

**This time NOT in their head.

***The chances of this happening are less than 1.3531224313%Divider1.png

4. Staying up all night

Before we start this, I’d just like to mention that I can’t stay up late to save my life. So this doesn’t apply to me UNLESS I’m reading a super amazing book. A bookworm may stay up late if:

  • Their book is wayyy too good* to put down.
  • If the book is really sad and they need to cry about it for 5 minutes or an hour or their entire lives.
  • If it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and they must worship its amazingness.
  • To think about cute ships Kaz and Inej
  • To try and get over the trauma of losing a special book world foreverImage result for why one books gif

*Not for your eyes then**

Burn. #SorryNoSorry***

***NOOO. I didn’t mean it at all I love you so much. Please forgive me.Divider1.png

5. Spending hours in bookshops/libraries.

Why? Why do we have to choose???? Why are there limits??? I would spend 531795+ hours in a bookshop/library if there weren’t annoying people hurrying me along. #Indecisive* But really, a bookworm+bookshop+limited choice=SO MANY PROBLEMS. Ahem. Let me explain:

  • First the limit. WHY CAN’T YOU GET MORE THAN ___ (Insert number here) BOOKS??
  • Your TBR grows as you see more interesting books.
  • Not having enough time to stroke the covers of every single book browse everywhere.
  • Conflict happens when you can’t choose between 2 books to take home.
  • The owner glaring at you for suspicious behaviour** so you need to hurry upImage result for why one books gif

*See how brilliantly I sum up in one word???

**What? What are you even talking about? I’m so not about to steal all these books *walks away suspiciously*Divider1.png

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed finding out all my secrets about what I do in life reading this! *Crosses fingers and hopes it’s relatable and not just her*

CHAT WITH ME! Do you do any of these? Which ones? Do you have any to add? Can you stay up late? What’s the latest you’ve been up till?* What’s your favourite book to stare at? How do you organise your shelf? Or do you not have one? How do you store your books??? In a magical rip in the fabric of time and space that appears when you need it?**

*Cos everyone memorises stuff like this obvs.

**This MUST be real. Tell me your secrets!! I have to know.


Kerys xx


47 thoughts on “5 Seemingly pointless things a bookworm spends time on

  1. Omg micro pigs are so cute!! Sometimes I read books and I go like WHAT? The ending makes no sense!!! WHYYYY
    I not only do nothing for a while after reading a book, I also do it with blogging, doing school work, dancing, hanging out with my friends, eating… I’m weird.
    I loved this post, I was actually kind of afraid that because you were going to talk about books on this blog you would write more seriously, BUT I’M GLAD YOU DIDN’T!!!!
    Loved this post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww definitely! I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s either a really bad book or a really good book!
      Haha! I totally agree! That is literally me! (Eg. I’m currently supposed to be doing my homework? But I’m not?) And whoo weird people are the best people #LifeQuotes #Inspirational #LookAtHowAmazeballsIAm

      I’m so glad you liked reading this! Aww don’t worry! I won’t (hopefully) go all serious and annoying! Thank you! That means a lot! xx ❤️😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe really? When does school finish for you? Mine already finished about a week and half ago. Yeah omg why be cool when you can be weird? 😛 🙂 #WeirdPeopleRuleDaWorld

        Yaaaaaaay keep it that way!!!! And no problem!!! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep! School finishes on the 20th! I leave 4 days early though, because I’m going on holiday! Aww you’re so lucky! Definitely! High five! #W3iRd
          Yayyy! I will! xx 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s so cool! And no, I’m not going anywhere, but I went to Berlin about a month ago 😛
            And don’t worry, I’m late to comments too sometimes lol


  2. Eeeek you’re blog is awesome I LOVE IT!!! I mean, of course, I don’t stare at books all the time and stay up all night crying over Kanej and watching TID edits on youtube… I mean who does that?? And no I AM NEVER AFFECTED BY AMAZING BOOKS like AT ALL, I can just be normal after emotional reads because I’m a superhero

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY!!! I’m so glad you like it!! I’m sure you don’t do that! What was I thinking? And omg I didn’t know it was called Kanej! That is just so perfect and I love it!!

      AND HOW????? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!! I need to know like so bad. ❤️😂😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I used to be quite the bookworm when I was younger, not so much now just due to being busy a lot. I can relate to this, however, on a spiritual level. I always get emotional after reading a book and I’ll do nothing after finishing a book because life just seems so unfulfilling after 😂 I also ALWAYS spend AGES in bookstores, it annoys people quite a lot!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww! Being busy is the worst! Why can’t all that work just disappear! I’m glad you could spiritually relate! Honestly, life is kind of always unfulfilling compared to a book like Hogwarts? and Narnia? and what do we have? You should tell them to grow some patience! Thanks for the lovely comment! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right!? And yeah, sometimes I wish I never read such great books because they just make me wish for life to be like that! I used to check my wardrobe all the time too in hope 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Definitely! *Shakes head at life in disappointment* You know what? Maybe Narnia’s moved from the wardrobe to a cupboard? And we’re just looking in the wrong place?! *Goes to open all cupboards in house* *Gives up* Maybe I’ll check later! xx❤️😀

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay WHAAATTT.
    EVERY SINGLE POINT here is 100% me. I really don’t understand how people can write posts I can so easily connect with! X0
    Once my friend told me that I act funny after I read. Hello? I just have to stare at the wall and sort things out in my head, relatable much??
    For the past week I’ve interestingly staying up past midnight reading and feeling weird and dopey at school. *shakes head*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! I’m so glad you found this relatable!! I know right?! You just have to kind of get over what you read and make sure you didn’t just imagine read something! It sounds like you’re reading a good book! But maybe you should try sleeepp??? Don’t want your books to be confiscated because your grades suffer! Thanks for the lovely comment! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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